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Albis offers state-of-the-art IndiumPhosphide (InP) and GalliumArsenide (GaAs) based photodiodes as key technology building blocks for TO-can, ROSA, PLC and optical receiver module manufacturers. For more than two decades Albis and its predecessors have been developing high performance, high quality and highly reliable photodiodes that are covering analog and digital applications up to 40 Gb/s, as well as specialty photodiodes for a variety of applications including telecommunications and data communications.

Single channel InGaAs p-i-n photodiode chips

PD10A114 Gb/sTopRead More
PD10B110 Gb/sTopRead More
PD10E110 Gb/sTopRead More
PD10F110 Gb/sTopRead More
PD10G110 Gb/sTopRead More
PD10W110 Gb/sTopRead More
PD10X110 Gb/sLensRead More
PD05B15 Gb/sTopRead More
PD05P15 Gb/sBottomRead More
PD05Q15 Gb/sBottomRead More
PD00J12.5 Gb/sTopRead More
PD05J12.5 Gb/sBottomRead More
PD00L1DCTopRead More

Multiple channel InGaAs p-i-n photodiode chips

PD10MA12 Gb/s12TopRead More
PD10Vx12 Gb/sn x 4TopRead More
PD10I410 Gb/s4TopRead More
PD05EA5 Gb/s12TopRead More
PD05HA5 Gb/s12TopRead More
PD00Jx2.5 Gb/sn x 4TopRead More
PD05J42.5 Gb/sn x 4BottomRead More

Single channel APD photodiode chips

APD20D128 GbdLensRead More
APD20E128 GbdTopRead More
APS20D128 Gb/sLensRead More
APD20B125 Gb/sLensRead More
APD20C125 Gb/sLensRead More
APS20B1/C125 Gb/sLensRead More
APD10D110 Gb/sLensRead More
APD10E110 Gb/sTopRead More
APD10G110 Gb/sTopRead More
APD10X110 Gb/sLensRead More
APS10D110 Gb/sLensRead More
APD05C15 Gb/sLensRead More
APD05F12.5 Gb/sTopRead More
APD05Q12.5 Gb/sBottomRead More
APD00A11 Gb/sBottomRead More

Multiple channel APD photodiode chips

APD10Vx10 Gb/sn x 4TopRead More

Monitor photodiode chips

PD00J12.5 Gb/sTopRead More
PD00K11 Gb/sTopRead More
PD00S1DCTopRead More
PD05J12.5 Gb/sBottomRead More
PD00L1DCTopRead More
PD00D1DCSideRead More
PD00E1DCSideRead More
PD00H1DCSideRead More

Multiple channel monitor photodiode chips

PD00Jx2.5 Gb/sn x 4TopRead More
PD00M41 Gb/s4TopRead More
PD05J42.5 Gb/sn x 4BottomRead More

Single channel GaAs p-i-n photodiode chips

PD20L125 Gb/sTopRead More
PD10Y114 Gb/sTopRead More
PD10K110 Gb/sTopRead More
PD05K15 Gb/sTopRead More
PD00K11 Gb/sTopRead More
PD00S1DCTopRead More

Multiple channel GaAs p-i-n photodiode chips

Product NameSpeedChannelsIlluminationDetails
PD40L456 Gbd4TopRead More
PD20Kx25 Gb/sn x 4TopRead More
PD10Yx14 Gb/smultipleTopRead More
PD10Kx10 Gb/sn x 4TopRead More
PD05Kx5 Gb/sn x 4TopRead More

Chip on Carrier

Product NameSpeedChannelsIlluminationDetails
APS20D128 Gb/s1LensRead More
APS20B1/C125 Gb/s1LensRead More
HPS20Y125 Gb/s1BottomRead More
PS60X1112 Gbd1LensRead More
PS60X4112 GbdmultipleLensRead More
APS10D110 Gb/s1LensRead More
PS40X156 Gbd1LensRead More
PS40X456 GbdmultipleLensRead More
PS20X128 Gb/s1LensRead More
PS20Xn28 Gb/smultipleLensRead More
PS05F110 Gb/s1TopRead More
PS05J42.5 Gb/s4BottomRead More
PS05J82.5 Gb/s8BottomRead More
PS00L1DC1TopRead More

Packaged Photodiodes

Product NameBandwidthWavelengthFiberDetails
PQS40A-L40 GHz1310/1550single-modeRead More
PQW10A-L10 GHz1310/1550single-modeRead More
PQW10A-S10 GHz850multi-modeRead More
PQW10B-L10 GHz1310/1550single-modeRead More
PQW20A-L20 GHz1310/1550single-modeRead More
PQW20B-L20 GHz1310/1550single-modeRead More
PQW30A-L30 GHz1310/1550single-modeRead More
PQW30A-S30 GHz850multi-modeRead More