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25 Gb/s APD with Integrated Lens

Bottom-illuminated, ultra high speed avalanche photodiode (APD) chip with a T-shaped pad layout and an integrated backside lens. This innovative APD provides low noise multiplication and a high gain-bandwidth product which enables the design of high sensitivity 25G receivers. Typical applications include 100GBASE-ER4.

The integrated backside lens focuses the incoming light beam on the topside detecting area, enabling an easy and efficient optical coupling. The chip has a pad layout allowing both wire-bonding or flip-chip mounting. In addition, backside metallization is available for soldering of the die to a carrier.

Second place with a score of 4.5 out of 5 with Honorable mention.


  • Low noise multiplication
  • Enabling high sensitivity 25G receivers
  • High gain-bandwidth product
  • Large lens diameter of 100 μm
  • Low operating bias: 20 V
  • Low temperature dependence: 10 mV/°C

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