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APD10D1 on Carrier
10 Gb/s Avalanche Photodiode with Integrated Lens

APD10D1 is a bottom illuminated, high speed avalanche photodiode (APD) chip with an integrated backside lens. A key strength of this innovative APD is its low excess noise, allowing receiver sensitivities of -34 dBm @ BER 5e-5 when used with an appropriate TIA. The APD is optimized for single-mode 10GBASE-ER as well as 10G PON applications. It can be operated at a low bias voltage of typically 27 V and has an excellent gain-bandwidth product of 90 GHz.

The integrated backside lens allows easy optical coupling across an effective backside active diameter of 70 µm. The APD is flip-chip soldered on a metallized ceramic carrier with a coplanar GSG or a Y-shaped contact pad layout. The large pads allow placement of multiple bonds.


  • Enables a receiver sensitivity of -34 dBm
  • Easy optical coupling through integrated backside lens
  • Large effective backside active diameter of 70 μm
  • High responsivity: 10.5 A/W
  • High gain-bandwidth product: 90 GHz
  • Flip-chip soldered onto ceramic carrier with GSG or Y-shaped contact pad layout

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