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  • Customize

    You need a photodiode chip that meets your specific assembly or packaging concept. We deliver customized PD chips within 8-10 weeks.

  • Choose

    your photodiode from a vast catalogue of single- and array photodiodes covering all data- and telecom wavelengths and speeds from 0 to 40 Gb/s

  • Assemble

    you need your photodiode mounted on a carrier or hermetically packaged. We offer both options to meet your most demanding requirements.

  • Expand

    you have an exotic or esoteric application that is not covered by our datasheets. Our devices are ready for even the most challenging applications.


now available

High speed microwave photoreceiver module up to 28 Gb/s -
now available with short and long wavelength models.

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Meet us
at our headquarters

You are welcome to
visit us at our headquarters
in Rueschlikon, Switzerland

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Extended portfolio
of mounted photodiodes

Complex assembly solutions that meet stringent requirements with regards to alignment precision, bandwidth and layout complexity.

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