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How do you test your photodiodes before shipment?

Before shipment, all photodiodes are 100% tested on wafer level and are subject to out-going visual inspection.

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What is the optimal operation bias point of avalanche photodiodes ?

The most common understanding of the optimal operation bias point is the bias condition for best receiver sensitivity. The receiver, in particular the TIA and the parasitics, will have an important impact on finding this optimal condition. The optimal bias for our 10G APD is around a multiplication gain of M=10. Using an appropriate TIA, […]

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How is the metallization of photodiode pads constructed ?

The pads on Albis photodiode chips are built from a stack of different metals. On the chip front-side we offer two different stacks. The first stack alternative is optimized for wire-bonding. It consists of an adhesion layer followed by 1.3 µm of pure gold. The second alternative is optimized for soldering. Again it consists of […]

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