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Optical Detector with Four-Quadrant Position Sensing APD

APX00M3 consists of the Albis four-quadrant APD00M4 avalanche photodiode (quad APD) chip packaged in a TO-5 header and capped with a flat window TO-cap. Each APD quadrant of the APD is bonded to a separate pair of pins of the TO-header providing access to the individual anode and cathode of each APD segment.

The quad APD chip APD00M4 features a large active area, small quadrant separation and high responsivity in the wavelength range from 850 nm to 1650 nm. The topside illuminated chip is optimized for position sensing and optical beam tracking applications in the long-wavelength range.


  • APD segmented into four individual quadrants
  • Low noise multiplication
  • High multiplied responsivity
  • Large active area of 430 µm
  • Small quadrant separation of 17 µm
  • Large active area
  • Separate anode and cathode pins for each individual quadrant

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