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PD05J16 on wrap-around Carrier
16-Channel Balanced Photodiode Array


Compact monolithic array of 16 InGaAs/InP photodiodes with large optical apertures of 120 µm separated by a 300 μm pitch. The backside illuminated p-i-n photodiode structures are optimized for low speed monitoring applications in data- and telecom up to 2.5 Gb/s. They offer an excellent responsivity and high speed of response in the wavelength region from 1260 nm to 1620 nm.
The backside illuminated 16-channel photodiode array is flip-chip soldered on a ceramic submount with wrap-around metallization. The conductor lines are designed for balanced detection using eight pairs of photodiodes.


  • Optimized for balanced detection
  • Balanced detection using eight pairs of photodiodes
  • Easy optical coupling into large backside optical aperture
  • High responsivity: 0.95 A/W @ 1550 nm
  • Customized carrier layouts

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