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4x 28 Gbaud Photodiode Array with Integrated Lens on Carrier

PS20Y4-2C consists of a high-speed 4-channel InGaAs/InP photodiode array chip flip-chip mounted on a metallized ceramic carrier. Each individual channel features an integrated backside lens. The bottom illuminated p-i-n photodiode structure is optimized for data- and telecom applications up to 28 Gbaud. It offers an excellent responsivity and high speed of response in the wavelength region […]

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28G Receiver Optical Subassembly

APX20D2 is a receiver optical subassembly (ROSA) based on Albis 28 Gbps APD20D1 APD chip. Key strengths of this innovative APD ROSA are its exceptional sensitivity and its high optical damage threshold of up to +5 dBm. The low excess noise allows receiver sensitivities of -27.4 dBm @ BER 5e-5 with a simultaneous -21.3 dBm @ BER 1e-12.

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28 Gbd Top-side Illuminated APD

Top-side illuminated, ultra high speed avalanche photodiode (APD) chip.

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APD20D1 on Carrier
28 Gb/s Avalanche Photodiode with Integrated Lens

   APD20D1 is a bottom-illuminated, 28 Gb/s avalanche photodiode (APD) chip with integrated backside lens. This innovative APD provides low noise multiplication and a high gain-bandwidth product which enables the design of high sensitivity 28G receivers. Typical applications include 28 Gbaud PAM-4, 100GBASE-ER4 and 25G EPON. The integrated backside lens focuses the incoming light beam […]

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28 Gbd APD with Integrated Lens

Ultra high speed avalanche photodiode (APD) chip with an integrated backside lens.

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28 Gb/s Photodiode

Top illuminated photodiode chip for single-mode data and telecom applications up to 28 Gb/s.

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28 Gb/s Photodiode with Integrated Lens

Bottom illuminated 28 Gb/s photodiode chip with an integrated backside lens.

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