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In close cooperation with customers, Albis has developed complex assembly solutions that meet stringent requirements with regards to alignment precision, bandwidth and layout complexity. The Albis avalanche and pin photodiode portfolio can now be supplied as flip-chip mounted or wire-bonded devices on customized 2D or 3D (wrap-around) carriers.

p-i-n Photodiodes - Chip on Carrier

ProductSpeedChannelsCarrier TypeDetails
PS60X1112 Gbaud1ceramic submountRead More
PS40X156 Gbaud1ceramic submountRead More
PS40X456 Gbaudmultipleceramic submountRead More
PS20X128 Gb/s1ceramic submountRead More
PS20Xn28 Gb/smultipleceramic submountRead More
PS05F110 Gb/s1wrap-around submountRead More
PS05J42.5 Gb/s4wrap-around submountRead More
PS05J82.5 Gb/s8wrap-around submountRead More

APD - Chip on Carrier

ProductSpeedChannelsCarrier TypeDetails
APS20D128 Gb/s1ceramic submountRead More
APS20B1/C125 Gb/s1ceramic submountRead More