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Multi-Channel Top Illuminated Monitor Photodiode Array

Top illuminated multi-channel 2.5 Gb/s photodiode array with large optical apertures of 150 µm. The photodiode pitch of 250 µm is suitable for coupling to fiber ribbon cables. The basic photodiode cell can be repeated n times to provide scalable arrays of multiple individual photodiode channels.
The p-i-n photodiode structure is optimized for monitoring the optical output power of Fabry-Perot (FP) and distributed feedback (DFB) lasers. It combines excellent responsivity in the wavelength region from 980 nm to 1620 nm, low dark current, and high ESD rating. The photodiode chip is manufactured with topside wire-bondable anode and cathode pads.


  • Scalable multi-channel InGaAs photodiode array
  • Easy coupling into 150 µm optical aperture
  • High responsivity: 0.9 A/W
  • Low dark current: 8 nA
  • Photodiode pitch: 250 µm