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12 x 5 Gb/s Short-Wavelength Photodiode Array

Top illuminated 12 x 5 Gb/s InGaAs photodiode array with large optical apertures allowing easy alignment to multimode fibers. The photodiode pitch of 250 µm is suitable for coupling to standard fiber ribbon cables.

The top illuminated p-i-n photodiode structures are optimized for short-reach 850 nm VCSEL based high-throughput parallel optical interconnects up to 5 Gb/s per channel. The photodiode array offers an excellent responsivity and high speed of response in the wavelength region from 830 to 860 nm. Each photodiode has a low capacitance and achieves full speed at low bias voltages.


  • Top illuminated 12 x 5 Gb/s InGaAs photodiode array
  • Large optical aperture
  • Photodiode pitch: 250 µm
  • High responsivity: 0.5 A/W @ 850 nm
  • Low capacitance: 650 fF
  • Low dark current: 8 nA

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