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Custom Design

Albis offers highly flexible design and fabrication of semi- and full custom specific photodiode chips. The huge variety of applications and assembly options require photodiode chips that are tailored to the specific application to unleash the full potential of the device. The perfect fit between photodiode chip, RF electronics, assembly and packaging is becoming ever demanding with tighter space and power requirements and with response speed on the picoseconds scale.

The flexible Albis technology base allows customization for a range of parameters and features as listed below (for more information or a detailed quote contact us):

  • Geometrical Design
    Almost all geometrical parameters of a photodiode chip can be customized. Typical examples include chip outside dimensions, chip thickness, pad size and shape, pad positions, photodiode position, alignment marks. Bottom illuminated photodiodes may include pads, lightshields and alignment marks on the bottom side, all of which may be customized.


  • Light Entry
    Depending on application and assembly approach our long-wavelength InP based pin photodiodes or avalanche photodiodes can be illuminated either from the top (contact) side of the chip or from the bottom. For ultra high speed applications a lens can be integrated in the chip bottom to more efficiently collect the light from waveguides, fibers or any other optical coupling method. Illumination through the chip edge is especially beneficial for the monitoring of edge emitting laser chips.


  • AR Coating / Optical Filters
    All our photodiodes are equipped with an AR coating specifically designed based on the impinging wavelength and application. Standard wavelength like 850 nm, 1310 nm and 1550 nm are available out-of-the box. Customization allows to match the AR coating to your  wavelenght of choice. Bottom illuminated long-wavelength photodiodes can be equipped with optical filters like low- high or bandpass filters for FTTH application or any application that requires careful filtering of optical wavelengths.


  • Pad Topology
    Depending on interconnect technology the pad topology and metallization is either optimized for wirebonding or flip-chip soldering. Customization also includes the deposition of common solders like AuSn directly onto solderable pads.


  • Pitch
    Linear or two-dimensional arrays with customizable pitch.