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At Albis, we offer a large catalogue of InGaAs photodiodes for various applications from few Gb/s up to extremly high data rate of 100 Gb/s. All photodiodes offer an excellent trade-off between fast speed of response combined with a large active diameter and high responsivity in the wavelength region from 1260 to 1620 nm. For applications where optical alignment is particulary challenging, we offer bottom illuminated photodiodes with a backside integrated lens which strongly improves optical coupling tolerances. All our products feature optimized anti-reflection coatings for specific wavelengths or broadband applications. The pad metallization can be either optimized for wire-bonding or flip-chip mounting. The arrays feature a channel pitch with photolithographic precision which strongly simplifies optical alignment with fiber ribbons or photonic integrated circuits.

Our photodiodes can be customized. Whether you prefer top-illumination or bottom-illumination, wire-bonding or flip-chip soldering, array or single channel devices, our team is ready to tackle your requirements. Like to know more about customization, click here.

10G InGaAs p-i-n photodiode chips

PD10A114 Gb/s1TopRead More
PD10B112 Gb/s1TopRead More
PD10E112 Gb/s1TopRead More
PD10MA12 Gb/s12TopRead More
PD10Vx12 Gb/sn x 4TopRead More
PD10X112 Gb/s1LensRead More
PD10F110 Gb/s1TopRead More
PD10G110 Gb/s1TopRead More
PD10I410 Gb/s4TopRead More
PD10W110 Gb/s1TopRead More

Low Speed InGaAs p-i-n photodiode chips

PD05B15 Gb/s1TopRead More
PD05EA5 Gb/s12TopRead More
PD05HA5 Gb/s12TopRead More
PD05P15 Gb/s1BottomRead More
PD05Q15 Gb/s1BottomRead More
PD00J12.5 Gb/s1TopRead More
PD00Jx2.5 Gb/sn x 4TopRead More
PD05G12.5 Gb/s1BottomRead More
PD05J12.5 Gb/s1BottomRead More
PD05J42.5 Gb/sn x 4BottomRead More
PD05S12.5 Gb/s1BottomRead More
PD00L11 Gb/s1TopRead More
PD00T11 Gb/s1TopRead More
PD00U11 Gb/s1TopRead More
PD00V11 Gb/s1TopRead More

p-i-n Photodiodes - Chip on Carrier

ProductSpeedChannelsCarrier TypeDetails
PS05F110 Gb/s1wrap-around submountRead More
PS05J162.5 Gb/s16wrap-around submountRead More
PS05J42.5 Gb/s4wrap-around submountRead More
PS05J82.5 Gb/s8wrap-around submountRead More
PS00L11 Gb/s1wrap-around submountRead More