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InGaAs p-i-n Photodiodes

InGaAs pin photodiodes are the work horses of today’s telecom networks. Albis long-wavelength pin photodiodes are consequently optimized for the best possible trade-off between optical aperture diameter, speed of response, low capacitance, low bias voltage and high responsivity. Our portfolio features single and array bare die photodiode chips covering speeds from 1 Gb/s to 40 Gb/s. To cope with the ever increasing range of application and use cases, our engineers are developing advanced features that significantly enhance the customer value. Such features include:

  • Integrated optical filters for FTTH applications
  • Backside integrated lens for collecting even more light
  • Edge illumination for monitoring of FP or DFB laser
  • Chip level hermeticity for non-hermetic packaging
  • Solderable pads for flip-chip assembly

Avalanche Photodiodes

InGaAs based avalanche photodiodes (APD) are highly sensitive long-wavelengths photodiodes. APDs can be thought of as photodiodes that provide a built-in first stage of low noise gain through an internal current amplification mechanism called avalanche multiplication. Due to the low-noise gain, APD offer superior receiver sensitivity compared to optical receivers based on pin photodiodes. Albis 2.5 Gb/s and 10 Gb/s APDs are based on state-of-the art technologies and are designed consequently for robust, high yield manufacturing, uniform device characteristics, reliability and ease of operation. Low temperature dependence of gain characteristics allow the use of the APD in unregulated receivers over a wide temperature range from -40°C to 85 °C. Like for our pin photodiodes, a range of additional features can be integrated to enhance the application range:

  • Integrate optical filters for FTTH applications
  • Integrate backside lens for collecting even more light
  • Add solderable pads for flip-chip assembly

GaAs p-i-n Photodiodes

GaAs pin photodiodes are specific for short wavelengths detection corresponding to the multi-mode fiber based data- and telecom networks. The product portfolio of Albis top illuminated GaAs photodiodes covers speeds from 1 Gb/s to 25 Gb/s. All our photodiodes offer an excellent trade-off between fast speed of response combined with a large active diameter necessary for easy coupling with multi-mode fibers and provide a high responsivity in the wavelength region from 830 to 860 nm.
A wide range of device topologies are available including single and array bare die chips with a wide range of pad arrangements and metallization for almost all conceivable packaging options.

Packaged Photodiodes

With its PQW products, Albis offers a suite of  small, rugged and hermetic photodiode packages that make the detectors suitable for installation in systems operated under severe environmental conditions. The PQW microwave detector modules incorporate an internal bias-tee that connects the detector chip to both the bias voltage input and the DC coupled RF signal output. The PQW modules are designed to operate as a stand-alone unit requiring a minimum bias of only 2.5 V.


And all our photodiodes can be customized to provide an even better fit to your target application.