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Optical communication in artificial intelligence (AI) applications involves the use of light-based technologies to transmit data quickly and efficiently. By utilizing optical fibers and other optical components, AI systems can achieve high-speed data transfer rates, enabling faster processing of large datasets. This technology is crucial for enhancing the performance and efficiency of AI algorithms in tasks such as machine learning, data analysis, and high-performance computing.
Albis ultrafast photodiodes offer a combination of high bandwidth, high sensitivity and easy optical coupling.

Ultrafast p-i-n photodiode chips

ProductSpeedChannelsIlluminationPackage TypeDetails
PS70X1128 Gbd1Lensceramic carrierRead More
PS60X1112 Gbd1Lensceramic carrierRead More
PS60X4112 GbdmultipleLensceramic carrierRead More
PD50Y4112 Gbd4Lensbare die arrayRead More
PS50X1112 Gbd1Lensceramic carrierRead More
PS50X4112 Gbd4Lensceramic carrierRead More