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10 Gb/s Short- / Long-Wavelength Photodiode


InGaAs/InP photodiode chip with a G-S-G pad configuration offering excellent responsivity at wavelengths of 850 nm and 1310 nm.
The large optical aperture allows easy alignment to single- and multimode fibers. The top illuminated p-i-n photodiode is optimized for short-reach 850 nm and 1310 nm based high-speed data links up to 12 Gb/s. The device has a low capacitance and achieves full speed at low bias voltages.


  • Top illuminated 10 Gb/s InGaAs photodiode
  • Large optical aperture
  • High responsivity: 0.9 A/W @ 1310 nm
  • Low capacitance: 260 fF
  • Low dark current: 3 nA
  • Wavelength specific AR coatings

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