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With its PQ series, Albis offers a suite of small, rugged and hermetic photodiode packages that make the detectors suitable for installation in systems operated under severe environmental conditions. The microwave detector modules incorporate an internal bias-tee that connects the photodiode chip to both, the bias voltage input and the DC coupled RF signal output.
With the PX product line, Albis provides its high-performance photodiode chips packaged on a TO header.

Packaged Photodiodes - PQ Series

Product NameBandwidthWavelengthFiberDetails
PQS40A-L40 GHz1310/1550single-modeRead More
PQW30A-L30 GHz1310/1550single-modeRead More
PQW30A-S30 GHz850multi-modeRead More
PQW20A-L20 GHz1310/1550single-modeRead More
PQW20B-L20 GHz1310/1550single-modeRead More
PQW10A-L10 GHz1310/1550single-modeRead More
PQW10A-S10 GHz850multi-modeRead More
PQW10B-L10 GHz1310/1550single-modeRead More

Packaged Photodiodes - PX Series

Product NameWavelengthPackage TypeDetails
APX20D21310/1550ROSARead More
PX00M31310/1550TO-5 headerRead More
PX00S1850TO-5 headerRead More