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With its PQW products, Albis offers a suite of small, rugged and hermetic photodiode packages that make the detectors suitable for installation in systems operated under severe environmental conditions. The PQW microwave detector modules incorporate an internal bias-tee that connects the detector chip to both the bias voltage input and the DC coupled RF signal output.

Packaged Photodiodes - PQW Series

Product NameBandwidthWavelengthFiberDetails
PQW10A-L10 GHz1310/1550single-modeRead More
PQW10A-S10 GHz850multi-modeRead More
PQW20A-L20 GHz1310/1550single-modeRead More
PQW20B-L20 GHz1310/1550single-modeRead More
PQW30A-L30 GHz1310/1550single-modeRead More
PQW30A-S30 GHz850multi-modeRead More

Packaged Photodiodes - PX Series

Product NameWavelengthPackage TypeDetails
PX00M31310/1550TO-5 headerRead More