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PD00L1 on Small-Sized Carrier
Topside Illuminated Large Area Monitor Photodiode

PD00L1 is a topside illuminated InGaAs/InP monitor photodiode chip featuring a large optical aperture with a diameter of 300 µm. The p-i-n photodiode structure is optimized for monitoring the optical output power of a wide variety of semiconductor lasers such as edge emitters and VCSELs. This monitor photodiode offers an excellent responsivity in the wavelength region from 980 nm to 1620 nm.

The photodiode is mounted onto a compact ceramic carrier with wrap-around metallization for anode and cathode connections allowing easy and direct bonding to various setups.


  • Ceramic carrier with wrap-around metal pads for anode and cathode connections
  • Small form factor
  • Optimized for monitoring applications
  • Large optical aperture: 300 µm
  • High responsivity: 0.95 A/W
  • Also available as bare die

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