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Optical Detector with Four-Quadrant Position Sensing PD

PX00U3 consists of a PD00U4 four-quadrant photodiode (quad photodiode) chip packaged in a TO-5 header and capped with a flat window TO-cap.

The quad photodiode chip features a very large detecting area with a diameter of 1 mm. The photodiode is segmented into four individual quadrants with small separation of only 30 µm. The topside illuminated p-i-n structure offers a very low dark current and an excellent responsivity in the wavelength region from 980 nm to 1620 nm. This makes it ideally suited for position sensing, beam alignment / profiling and optical tracking applications.


  • Photodiode segmented into four individual quadrants
  • Large detecting area: 1 mm
  • Very small quadrant separation: 30 um
  • Very low dark current
  • High responsivity: 1.1 A/W
  • Also available as bare die

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