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Award Winning 25G APD

Our 25G Long-Wavelength APD wins the second place in the Lightwave Innovation Award with Honorable Mention.

lightwaveonline.com – July/August 2014 – The product, an enabling technology for 25G APD receivers, e.g. for the IEEE 100GBase-ER4 standard, received an Honorable Mention for its technical merit.
A 25G APD receiver is a cost-efficient alternative compared to an assembly of an optical amplifier (SOA) with a standard 25G PD. Such a combination has been the only solution so far for high sensitivity receivers due to the lack of corresponding 25G APDs. the product incorporates a monolithically backside integrated lens. This high accuracy optical system is produced on wafer level which enables reduced costs and provides high alignment tolerances for the assembly process. The APD chip is flip-chip solderable, which is a favorable assembly process for a 25G receiver compared to wire bonding.