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Fab Services

Albis Optoelectronics is dedicated to supply products and services of outstanding quality. Our world-class on-site wafer manufacturing facilities offer full in-house production from front-end to back-end and includes a 2’000 sq ft class 100 cleanroom, assembly and packaging capabilities and extensive test and qualification laboratories.

Our custom fab services include full custom wafer processing, cleanroom processes, assembly and packaging services as well as device testing and characterization:

Custom Wafer Processing

Cleanroom Services

  • Photolithography
  • Metal Deposition
  • Etching
  • Lapping
  • Anti-Reflection Coating Deposition

Dicing and Sawing

  • InP
  • GaAs
  • Si
  • Ceramics

Assembly and Packaging

  • Wire-Bonding
  • Flip-chip Soldering
  • Chip Epoxy Bonding

Electro-optical Device Characterization

  • Dark Current
  • Capacitance
  • Responsivity
  • Eye Diagrams up to 50 GHz
  • S-Parameter
  • Frequency Response

Mechanical Device Testing

  • Pad Adhesion (Bond-Pull) Testing
  • Die Shear Testing

Environmental Device Testing

  • Temperature Shock / Cycling
  • Damp Heat
  • ESD
  • HTOL