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  • Datacom & Telecom

    High speed photodiodes optimized for single- and multi-mode datacom and telecom applications up to 56 Gbaud.

  • Monitoring & Sensing

    Cost effective, single channel and array photodiodes for laser monitoring, position sensing and beam profiling applications.

  • LiDAR

    High sensitivity p-i-n photodiodes and avalanche photodiodes (APD) for laser rangefinder and long-wavelength LiDAR applications.

  • Microwave Photonic Links

    Packaged high speed photodiode modules for RF over fiber and high speed test and measurement applications up to 30 GHz.

Albis Optoelectronics - Detecting Solutions


Our innovative photodiode solutions cover a variety of applications, including optical communications, monitoring and sensing, long wavelength LiDAR, microwave photonic links, and test and measurement.

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Choose your photodiode from a vast catalogue of single channel and array photodiodes, available as bare die chip or mounted on a ceramic carrier, covering all data- and telecom wavelengths and speeds up to 56 Gbd.

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Fab Services

With our world-class on-site wafer manufacturing and testing facilities, including cleanrooms, assembly and packaging capabilities, and reliability labs, we offer various custom fab services.

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