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At Albis, we offer a large catalogue of InGaAs photodiodes for various applications from few Gb/s up to extremly high data rate of 100 Gb/s. All photodiodes offer an excellent trade-off between fast speed of response combined with a large active diameter and high responsivity in the wavelength region from 1260 to 1620 nm. For applications where optical alignment is particulary challenging, we offer bottom illuminated photodiodes with a backside integrated lens which strongly improves optical coupling tolerances. All our products feature optimized anti-reflection coatings for specific wavelengths or broadband applications. The pad metallization can be either optimized for wire-bonding or flip-chip mounting. The arrays feature a channel pitch with photolithographic precision which strongly simplifies optical alignment with fiber ribbons or photonic integrated circuits.

Our photodiodes can be customized. Whether you prefer top-illumination or bottom-illumination, wire-bonding or flip-chip soldering, array or single channel devices, our team is ready to tackle your requirements. Like to know more about customization, click here.

112 / 128 Gbaud InGaAs p-i-n photodiode chips

ProductSpeedChannelIlluminationPackage TypeDetails
PS70X1128 Gbd1Lensceramic carrierRead More
PS60X1112 Gbd1Lensceramic carrierRead More
PS60X4112 GbdmultipleLensceramic carrierRead More
PD50Y4112 Gbd4Lensbare die arrayRead More
PS50X1112 Gbd1Lensceramic carrierRead More
PS50X4112 Gbd4Lensceramic carrierRead More

56 Gbaud InGaAs p-i-n photodiode chips

ProductSpeedChannelIlluminationPackage TypeDetails
PD40C156 Gbd1Topbare dieRead More
PD40D156 Gbd1Topbare dieRead More
PD40E156 Gbd1Bottombare dieRead More
PD40F856 Gbd8Topbare die arrayRead More
PD40P156 Gbd1Topbare dieRead More
PD40X156 Gbd1Lensbare dieRead More
PS40X156 Gbd1Lensceramic carrierRead More
PS40X456 GbdmultipleLensceramic carrierRead More
PD40G128/56 Gbd1Topbare dieRead More
PD40H128/56 Gbd1Topbare dieRead More
PD40Y128/56 Gbd1Lensbare dieRead More
PD40Y428/56 Gbd4Lensbare die arrayRead More

28 Gbaud InGaAs p-i-n photodiode chips

ProductSpeedChannelIlluminationPackage TypeDetails
PD20D128 Gbd1Topbare dieRead More
PD20DA28 Gbd12Topbare die arrayRead More
PD20E228 Gbd2Topbare die pairRead More
PD20G228 Gbd2Lensbare die pairRead More
PD20Vx28 Gbdn x 4Topbare die arrayRead More
PD20W428 Gbd4Topbare die arrayRead More
PD20X128 Gbd1Lensbare dieRead More
PS20X128 Gbd1Lensceramic carrierRead More
PS20Xn28 GbdmultipleLensceramic carrierRead More
PS20Y428 Gbd4Lensceramic carrierRead More