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Albis Optoelectronics extends portfolio of mounted photodiodes

In close cooperation with customers, Albis has developed complex assembly solutions that meet stringent requirements with regards to alignment precision, bandwidth and layout complexity. The Albis avalanche and pin photodiode portfolio can now be supplied as flip-chip bonded or wire-bonded devices on customized 2D or 3D (wrap-around) carriers.

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Award Winning 25G APD

Our 25G Long-Wavelength APD wins the second place in the Lightwave Innovation Award with Honorable Mention.

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10 Years Anniversary

Albis Optoelectronics is going to celebrate its 10 years anniversary.

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Albis Opto releases a 30 GHz, short wavelength photodetector

PQW30A-S, a hermetically packaged, short wavelength, 30 GHz RF photodetector module is now available. The module contains a high performance Albis photodiode and a linear, medium gain broadband amplifier. The optical input is supplied through a single- or multimode fiber.

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Albis Optoelectronics, the continuation of a success story

Following a successful Management Buyout, Albis Optoelectronics resurfaces as the renowned industry brand for high performance photodetector products. The change of company name to Albis Optoelectronics, previously used by the entity from 2003 to 2008, designates the final step in the separation from Enablence Technologies Inc.

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Albis is Building Photodiodes for Light Peak: Optical Interconnect for PCs

Albis Optoelectronics AG, a leading supplier of photodiodes for tele- and datacom is pleased to announce it will be working with Intel and other industry leaders to develop the latest in optical connection technology for personal computers (PCs).

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Albis releases photodiodes with integrated optical bandpass filters for FTTx applications

Albis Optoelectronics AG today announced it started shipping photodiodes having an integrated optical bandpass filter.

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Enablence Technologies Completes Acquisition of Albis Optoelectronics AG

Enablence Technologies Inc. today announced that the conditions of the purchase agreement dated March 19, 2007 between Enablence and Albis Optoelectronics AG have been fulfilled and the acquisition of Albis has completed.

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Albis Optoelectronics re-launches the photodiode product line of former Opto Speed

Following the acquisition of the photodiode business line of former Opto Speed, Albis Optoelectronics AG today announced, that it re-launches a state-of-the-art product portfolio of photodiode chips and receiver subassemblies.

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