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LiDAR (light detection and ranging) is a remote sensing technology that uses laser beams to create 3D maps of the surrounding environment. With its high resolution and speed, LiDAR is the ideal detection method for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles).
Albis portfolio offers photodiodes (PDs) and avalanche photodiodes (APDs) chips and arrays with high responsivity and wide bandwidth for eye-safe LiDAR systems from 980nm up to 1650nm.

Long-Wavelength LiDAR Photodiodes - APD

ProductSpeedIlluminationPackage TypeDetails
APD00A11 Gb/sBottombare dieRead More
APD05F12.5 Gb/sTopbare dieRead More
APD05Q12.5 Gb/sBottombare dieRead More
APD05C15 Gb/sLensbare dieRead More
APD10D110 Gb/sLensbare dieRead More
APS10D110 Gb/sLensceramic carrierRead More

Long-Wavelength LiDAR Photodiodes - pin PD

ProductSpeedIlluminationChannelsPackage TypeDetails
PD00L11 Gb/sTop1bare dieRead More
PS00L11 Gb/sTop1ceramic carrierRead More
PD00T11 Gb/sTop1bare dieRead More
PD00U11 Gb/sTop1bare dieRead More
PD00V11 Gb/sTop1bare dieRead More
PD00W11 Gb/sTop1bare dieRead More
PD05G12.5 Gb/sBottom1bare dieRead More
PD05J12.5 Gb/sBottom1bare dieRead More
PD05J42.5 Gb/sBottomn x 4bare die arrayRead More
PD05S12.5 Gb/sBottom1bare dieRead More
PS05J42.5 Gb/sBottom4ceramic carrierRead More
PS05J82.5 Gb/sBottom8ceramic carrierRead More
PS05J162.5 Gb/sBottom16ceramic carrierRead More