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Albis Optoelectronics, the continuation of a success story

Rüschlikon, SWITZERLAND–(Feb. 21, 2013) – Following a successful Management Buyout, Albis Optoelectronics resurfaces as the renowned industry brand for high performance photodetector products. The change of company name to Albis Optoelectronics, previously used by the entity from 2003 to 2008, designates the final step in the separation from Enablence Technologies Inc. The Management Buyout was initiated by local management, coordinated by industry veteran Joerg Wieland and supported by a strong team of European private investors.

“During the past 5 years, demand for our photodiode products has grown steadily with an average growth rate of 35% year over year. As we see the enormous potential of our technology, we are obviously very excited to be masters again of our own business”, says Vincent Grundlehner, CEO.

The management buyout allows for the execution of a number of growth initiatives such as an expanded product portfolio, a higher level of production automation as well as a strengthening of customer support functions.

The investors backing the company, bring in a broad industry network and share the long-term focus to expand the global reach of the company. “As seasoned technology entrepreneurs, we understand the value of a strong management team combined with a solid balance sheet”, says Falk Strascheg, one of the most experienced and successful Private Equity investors in Germany. “Considering the operational success of the company throughout the past ten years, we gladly took a substantial stake in Albis Optoelectronics.”

At the upcoming OFC/NFOEC exhibition, to be held from March 19 to March 21 in Anaheim, California, Albis Optoelectronics will unveil a further expansion of its portfolio of high-speed photodetectors. Corresponding announcements will be made in due time.

About Albis Optoelectronics AG:

Albis Optoelectronics is an ISO certified designer, developer and manufacturer of high-speed PIN and APD photodiodes for fiber optic datacom and telecom applications. The diversified product portfolio supports 10G, 40G and 100G communication links as well as analog microwave applications. The Zurich based fabrication facilities offer full in-house production from front-end to back-end and includes a class 100 clean room and extensive test and qualification laboratories. New products for emerging markets as well as customer specific modifications are developed by a team of experienced scientists and engineers. The company produces high quality products fulfilling Telcordia GR-468 and MIL-STD-883E requirements. For further information visit www.albisopto.com.

 About Falk Strascheg:

The focal investment area of Falk Strascheg is private equity and venture capital. As an entrepreneurially-minded, active investor, Falk Strascheg invests in young, innovative technology businesses with strong growth potential. His investments in currently more than 25 companies cover, among others, the electronics, laser and semiconductor sectors, information and web technology as well as new media and the cleantech field. The companies in the portfolio are characterised by exceptionally committed and dynamic management teams generating innovative ideas and products. EXTOREL is the single family office of Mrs. and Mr. Strascheg. Characterized by independency, professionalism and a comprehensive range of services, EXTOREL provides integrated advice on all investment decisions.